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Concrete Slabs

It is always recommended to lay the concrete slab before the shed is build for a number or reasons. When a concrete slab is done after a shed is build there will definitely be corrosion of the cladding at the bottom 300mm walls.

It also helps to ensure the concrete is completely dry before anything touches it and it can be levelled far easier.

Sheds Perth

Building a Shed

First you need to choose if you are going to build it yourself, hire someone to build it out construct a kit shed. Once this has been determined you will need to choose your build location, size and colour. The next step is to have a site plan done up for the proposed location of the shed to get approval for the shed from you local council.

Once approved you can bring in the builder or commence building yourself. If you’re using a builder there are a number of documents you will need to provide before they will start construction.

  • A Site plan showing the house position and the proposed shed position
  • Copy of Title to prove ownership
  • Copy of any Covenants
  • Copy of any Agreements (council permits etc).
Sheds Perth

How long does building a shed take?

Most sheds take about 6-8 weeks to complete if they do not require a permit and are of a standard shape and size. The larger the shed the more involved it becomes including getting building permits and council approval. Custom designs will also take longer to build.

Sheds Perth

Colourbond Sheds

Colourbond is a very popular material many shed companies use when building shed kits and custom sheds. Colourbond is known for being durable lightweight, easy to maintain as well as being available in a wide range of colours.

Colourbond shed suppliers can customise your shed using different doors, windows, colours, profiles, lighting, overhangs and shelving options.

Sheds Perth

Assembling Sheds

There are a few important things to remember when assembling your own shed.

  • Select the correct size shed for your yard
  • Get a building permit if the shed is above a certain size (this can vary depending on where you’re building the shed).
  • Level the ground
  • Set up support for the bottom whether that be a risen wooden base or a concrete pad.
  • Have the correct tools
  • Get help from others
Sheds Perth

Garage Doors on Sheds

Installing a garage door on a shed certainly makes it easier to remove bigger items and store items such as boats and cars.

However to have a garage door on a shed your shed must meet a certain size requirement so you can allow for the door to fit up under the roof. Ideally there needs to be at least 12 cm of headroom over the head of the door as well as 5 cm if the door you wish to install is going to have an eclectic opener. The shed its self must have at least 32 square metres of floor space with a minimum width of 2.4m and a depth of at least 4.3m.

Sheds Perth

Tool Shed Pricing

A shed will cost you anywhere from $500 to $5000 depending on your chosen type, materials and location.

Tool sheds tend to be smaller than sheds used for storage or other purposes so they are often on the lower end of the cost scale. A tool shed is often a 2m x 2m sized shed and will set you back around $500.

Sheds Perth

Shed Setbacks

Setbacks and building rules may vary between local councils so it is important to check in with your local council to see what the requirements are in your area. For most residential properties, the setbacks for a sheds generally are:

  • The wall  must not be located between the house and the front
    boundary of the property (main street of property if on cornered block).
  • The wall must be 1.0m from the secondary front boundary
    of a corner property (corner properties).
  • The shed wall must be at least 1m from a side and/or rear boundary.
  • The roof of a shed must be a minimum of 500mm from a side and/or rear boundary.
Sheds Perth

Shed Sizes and Planning Permissions

In Perth, Western Australia there are 9 guidelines you should follow in order for your shed to not require a building permit. It is always recommended to check with your local council for their rules and regulations when it comes to building sheds on personal properties.

  • Maximum height of  2.4 metres
  • It does not go over the front setback line
  • Has the same fire safety requirements as the home or main building on the same land
  • Is no higher than 500mm off  ground level
  • Located a minimum of 900mm away from any other building
  • Anchored correctly for sever weather events
  • Strong structure
  • No vehicle vision interference
  • Not located on conservation land


Sheds Perth

What are the most common shed sizes?

The most commonly built shed sizes in Western Australia are:
6m x 6m shed
6m x 9m shed
6m x 10m shed
6m x 12m shed
7m x 9m shed
7m x 10m shed
8m x 8m shed
8m x 10m shed
9m x 9m shed
10m x 10m shed
12m x 9m shed
12m x 12m shed

This does not mean custom sizes are not available. Many homes have custom made sheds which are not considered “common” sizes.