Sheds Perth

Do you need council approval for a shed in WA?

So you’re thinking about installing a shed in WA but unsure of the rules and regulations?

As a general rule, any shed less than 10 square meters does not need building license approval in WA.

We have outlined the national regulation guidelines.

1. A shed must be installed behind the prescribed front setback line. A set back line is the distance between the edge of your property and a structure built within your property. Sheds should be positioned t comply with the Fire Safety Code of Australia.

2. A shed must be up to code safety standards and built with quality materials that can withstand adverse weather. Any rain water collected buy the shed must end up in an approved draining system.

3. The structure can only have max height of 2.4m, and a floor can be no more than 500mm above ground level.

Keep in mind that your local council may have their own rules and regulations when it comes to building a shed to always make sure to check in with your local council.

For larger sheds, a building permit is required.